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so why buy a coat from AK Creations?

Jagger in deluxe snoggla coat


I have been designing and making coats for sighthounds for over 10 years. The coats I make are all my own design, and this experience has allowed me to refine my patterns for a superior fit.

My coats are tailored for the unique curve of a sighthound's spine and are deliberately high cut around the front legs to allow maximum freedom of movement for hounds that like to zoom about.

The AK Creations unique hood design is shaped around the face so the rain is kept off the head, but your hound can still see where they are going. My 'snoggla', 'snuggla' and 'sniggla' coats have a fitted chest panel which has come about through customer feedback - particularly from customers with male dogs. The same applies to my pyjamas which have an elasticated chest panel so they do not need to be removed for toiletting.

quality and attention to detail

Every item sold by AK Creations is designed and made by me. I am proud of my designs and the quality of my work. I believe in quality over quantity and that every AK Creation coat is an investment. I only use the very best quality fabrics and threads, ordering solely from suppliers in the UK using small family run businesses wherever possible.

If an AK Creations coat is advertised as waterproof, then you can be assured that I have spent the time making welt seams and sealing them on the inside so that water cannot seep through.

When making my quilted deluxe coats, I mark the coat pattern on the fabric and then stitch around this. I then stabilise the quilt stitch where it crosses this line before cutting the coat out. This prevents the quilting from unravelling around the edges of the coat over time.

Colour matching threads to fabric is vital to the overall finish of a coat and so I will always change threads where the fabric colour changes.

The stress point on my coats is the shoulder seam, therefore this seam is quadruple stitched for maximum strength.

AK Creations coats are made to last. You should only need to come back if you require a different colour or just fancy one of my other designs. However, returning customers are always most welcome!

sealing of seams

thread colour matched
velcro and snap fastenings
welt seams
welt seams are sealed on the inside the thread is colour matched to the fabric secure velcro and snap fastenings welt seams on waterproof coats

shoulder seam quadruple stitched

curved back of snoggla coat
fitted chest panel
shoulder seam quadruple stitched the snoggla design follows the curve of a sighthound's spine the fitted chest panel of a snoggla coat


With AK Creations offering you 35 different shades of polar fleece, 35 waterproof fabrics and 19 quilted showerproof fabrics, you are free to choose any colour combination you desire. That means that for the snuggla coat alone there could be over 6,500 combinations!

Aside from the colour choices, I also offer a full range of coats for indoor and outdoor use to cover every eventuality.

indoor range
4 leg pyjamas
2 leg pyjamas
hugga hound shirt


with its wrap around chest panel,
this design has been a best seller
since its launch in 2013.

4 leg pyjamas

open underneath the back legs and
an elasticated chest piece for
easy toiletting.

2 leg pyjamas

easy to put on and take off, these
pyjamas are a looser fit than
the housecoat.

hugga hound shirt

gives your hound a little hug when
they need it. Especially good during
fireworks and storms.


outdoor range
sniggla coats
snuggla coats
hooded snuggla coat
snaggla coat

single fleece coat

can be worn on its own or used
as an extra layer.

double fleece coat

warm, comfortable and washes
like a dream this coat is
my personal favourite

double fleece coat
(hoody snuggla)

a take on the snuggla with a
cheeky hood and optional tassel

fully waterproof lightweight coat

lightweight and packs down small
enough to take anywhere.

snoggla coat
deluxe snoggla coats
original combo coat
lightweight combo coat

fully waterproof fleece lined coat

the shaped back, hood and fitted
chest panel make this coat a
practical choice.

showerproof quilted coat
(deluxe snoggla)

padded for extra warmth and
tailored for the sighthound shape,
this is the coat that will command
the most attention.

winter 3-in-1
(original combo)

a combination of the snuggla
(double fleece) and the
snaggla (lightweight waterproof).

spring/autumn 3-in-1
(lightweight combo)

a combination of the sniggla
(single fleece) and the hooded
snaggla (lightweight waterproof).

keep cool coatskeep cool coat tubs
pullover jumper


shaped around the face, a lead
hole in the back and available
with or without the tassel

keep cool coats
(complete with soaking tub)

towelling coats that come complete
with their own soaking tub -
exclusive to AK Creations.

single fleece jumper
(classic pullover)

a lovely, comfortable and practical jumper
that slips on and off with no fuss
and no fastenings


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