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The AK Creations models are Dylan (on the left) and Jagger (on the right).

AK Creations would be nothing without its fabulous models, Dylan and Jagger. They are full pedigree greyhounds and were both adopted from Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue near Maldon in Essex. Jagger is now 11 years old and Dylan is 9. They like to eat, sleep, walk, run, sniff innapropriate things and then do more sleeping and eating...

Having given racing serious consideration, Dylan and Jagger decided that wasn't the life they were destined for. Aside from being wonderful pets, they now have successful careers testing and modelling the greyhound products at AK Creations.

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About AK Creations

My name is Anja and I run AK Creations which is based in Harwich, Essex and was established in 2007. I have a creative background which spans over two decades, but it was owning greyhounds which inspired me to start up my own business.

All of the products you see on this website and any that you order are all designed and hand made by myself. I am constantly striving to find the best quality materials and to give the best choice of colours and designs. Aside from the sewing, I also work hard to develop new products - gratefully receiving feedback from my customers to enable me to do this.

As all of the products are made by myself, I can ensure that every item that is sent out has been checked and tested for quality, and if you care to take a look at my gallery page, you will see from some of the feedback that I have received that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me.

When I am not working, I am busy enjoying life by the seaside with my husband, three children and of course, Dylan and Jagger.


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