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AK Creations collars can be either sponge cleaned for small marks, or if really dirty, they can be placed inside a knotted pillowcase and machine washed on a 40°C cycle. They should then be pulled into shape and left to dry naturally.

Please make sure that you check your collars for wear from time to time. Although AK Creations collars are made to be durable and last a good length of time, no collar lasts forever. When you have a collar which is used for walking, any pulling on the lead will wear the webbing around the 'D' ring after time.


AK Creations waterproof coats are made using PU coated nylon. They should be turned inside out and put inside a pillowcase before washing. They can then be machine washed on a gentle 40°C cycle, but you should NOT use fabric conditioner. After washing, they should then be gently pulled back into shape and left to drip dry. Under no circumstances should my waterproof coats be tumble dried as this will impair the waterproof efficiency.

AK Creations double fleece coats can be machine washed on a normal 40°C cycle and can be tumble-dried.

pyjamas, housecoats and snoods:

AK Creations pyjamas and housecoats can be machine washed on a normal 40°C cycle and can be tumble-dried.

how to deal with static electricity:

Fleece fabrics can be prone to static electricity. If you find you are having a problem with this, follow these instructions to prevent and mantain a low amount of static electricity:

• Use fabric conditioner when washing fleece items (unless you are washing a waterproof coat lined with fleece).

• Tumble-dry the item using a dryer sheet. This helps because the sheets coat the fabric with a waxy substance. It also helps if you add a damp cloth for the last 15 minutes of drying time.

If you do not have a tumble dryer, the same effect can be gained by just rubbing the item over thoroughly with a dryer sheet.

keep cool coats:

AK Creations keep cool towelling coats can be machine washed on a normal 60°C cycle and are best line-dried.


AK Creations houndbags should be cared for in the same way as the outdoor coats. They should be carefully turned inside out and placed inside a pillowcase before washing on a gently 40°C cycle. After washing, they should be carefully turned the right way, gently pulled into shape and left to drip dry.



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