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keep cool coats

small - £23 / medium - £25 / large - £28 / extra large - £30


greyhound and whippet keep cool towelling coats

keep cool towelling coats

AK Creations keep cool coats are made of new, high quality, 100% cotton, white towelling fabric.

Secured by way of an adjustable belt and finished off with the AK Creations logo badge on the top, I think you will agree that these are the coolest coats around!

These keep cool coats are available in white to reflect the heat of the sun.

They need to be soaked in cold water before being wrung out and put on your hound on the hottest days of the year. When they start to get too dry, simply wet them again.

Your keep cool coat will come supplied in its own soaking tub (my invention). These are unique to AK Creations and are an easy and convenient way to keep your hound comfortable in the warmest weather when out and about.

Simply go equipped with a bottle of cold water and soak the coat wherever you are!


greyhound, whippet and lurcher keep cool coats in soaking tub

Get the look: Dylan and Jagger are wearing white towelling keep cool coats and Jagger is also wearing a 'Jagger's choice' martingale style collar.


small (19"- 22")

medium (23"- 26")

large (27"- 30")

extra large (31"- 34")

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