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Blue Dog - Handmade art, jewellery and photography.

greyhound rescue:

Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue - A registered charity near Maldon in Essex, helping to find homes for ex-racing greyhounds.

Retired Greyhound Trust - Working to encourage the public to take on greyhounds retired from racing.

Senior Sighthound Project - a brilliant fundraising group set up to help support UK sighthound rescues in securing lifetime homes for elderly sighthounds.

Greyhound Gap - A small independent charity set up to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a ‘put to sleep’ situation in UK pounds.

Greyhound Rescue West of England - Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused and abandoned greyhounds and lurchers.

Northern Greyhound Rescue - A small voluntary group in the North West/Lancashire area dedicated to improving the lives of Greyhounds and Lurchers.

Greyhound and Lurcher Welfare and Rescue (GLWR) - A small independent rescue based in North Wiltshire taking in abused, abandoned and unwanted greyhounds and lurchers and find them loving homes. All dogs are neutered, vaccinated, de-fleaed, wormed, microchipped and have a full health and dental check before they leave.

The Greyhound Sanctuary - A small charity based in the West Country, rescuing and rehoming abandoned, abused or unwanted greyhounds.

social groups:

Greyhound Walks - Meet fellow greyhound and lurcher owners in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Norfolk for a stroll and a chat.

Sighthounds For Life - A friendly forum raising awareness and funds for sighthounds.

The Whippet Club - Formed in 1899, the whippet club caters for all working whippet disciplines.

treats for your hounds:

A La Bark Baking - The A La Bark Baking cook book contains lots of fun recipes for biscuits, treats, meatloaves and casserole. Every book sold raises money for homeless dogs.

pet portraits:

Almost an Angel - Gorgeous stylised portraits by Elle J. Wilson who specialises in sighthounds

Elspeth Rose Design - Wonderful hand painted bags, ceramics and more - also known on social media as 'Paint My Greyhound'

Pet Portraits by Sally Logue - Beautiful pet portraits in pastel. Check out the wonderful greyhound portraits.

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