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the lightweight

small - £60 / medium - £70 / large - £80 / extra large - £90


PLEASE NOTE: All of the coats sold on this website are hand-made to measure, by myself, for your particular hound.
It is important that you send me the correct measurements and allow ample time for the coat to be made.
Greyhound combo coat

Choose the lightweight combo coat - four coats in one should be all that your hound needs!

With the lightweight combo, you get a single fleece coat which can be worn on it's own for cool spring days, plus a fully waterproof hooded lightweight coat to be worn over the fleece in colder weather or on its own for warmer, showery days.

The lightweight coat has a full hood, is fully waterproof (all seams are treated) and is lined with grey cotton. It has an adjustable webbing belt secured with a plastic snap buckle.

The single fleece coat has a chest panel which is secured on both sides with velcro. There is no uncomfortable fastenings, so it easily doubles up as a cosy indoor coat for chilly nights.

There is a lead hole in the back of the hood on the waterproof coat, or if you prefer, you can have a harness hole put in the back of both coats.

By buying these coats as a combo package, you save £10 on the price of buying them separately.

Get the look: Dylan is wearing the lightweight combo coat in sunshine yellow with a sunshine yellow, grey and charcoal sniggla fleece undercoat.

combo coat - fleece undercoat
combo coat - lightweight wind resistant lining
sunshine yellow, grey & charcoal sniggla single fleece coat
showing lead hole in the back of the hood on the snaggla coat


waterproof colours
black waterproof swatch
navy waterproof swatch
olive green waterproof swatch
bottle green waterproof swatch
olive green
bottle green
wine waterproof swatch
brown waterproof swatch
grey waterproof swatch
silver grey waterproof swatch
silver grey
red waterproof swatch
turquoise waterproof swatch
purple waterproof swatch
lilac waterproof swatch
cerise waterproof swatch
baby pink waterproof swatch
sky blue waterproof swatch
sage green waterproof swatch
baby pink
sky blue
sage green
stone waterproof swatch
light khaki waterproof swatch
lime green waterproof swatch
sunshine yellow waterproof swatch
light khaki
lime green
sunshine yellow
royal blue waterproof swatch
royal blue waterproof swatch
royal blue


cotton lining
light grey lightweight cotton lining
dark grey lightweight cotton lining
dark grey lightweight cotton lining
dark grey lightweight cotton lining
light grey
dark grey


fleece colours      
black fleece swatch charcoal fleece swatch grey fleece swatch brown fleece swatch
mocha fleece swatch light khaki fleece swatch beige fleece swatch ivory fleece swatch
light khaki
bottle green fleece swatch olive green fleece swatch moss green fleece swatch alpine green fleece swatch
bottle green
olive green
moss green
alpine green
jade fleece swatch
sage green fleece swatch
baby blue fleece swatch
navy fleece swatch
sage green
baby blue
turquoise fleece swatch
dark sky blue fleece swatch
teal fleece swatch
royal blue fleece swatch
dark sky blue
royal blue
purple fleece swatch
plum fleece swatch
heather fleece swatch
lilac fleece swatch
baby pink fleece swatch
bright pink fleece swatch
cerise fleece swatch
red fleece swatch
baby pink
bright pink
wine fleece swatch
burnt orange fleece swatch
bright orange fleece swatch
mustard fleece swatch
burnt orange
bright orange
sunshine yellow fleece swatch
lemon fleece swatch
lime fleece swatch  
sunshine yellow
lime green  


It is vital that you measure your greyhound or whippet accurately for coats and pyjamas. I rely on your measurements and cannot accept any returns unless the fault lies with ak creations.

Please click here for details on how to take the measurements I need.

tape measure
lightweight combo (hooded waterproof coat with single fleece undercoat) £60 - £90

please select the correct price bracket for your order

type of sighthound

waterproof coat colour

lightweight cotton lining colour

fleece coat main colour

fleece coat collar colour

fleece coat chest panel colour

lead hole or harness hole

Please enter your exact measurements here
(don't forget to say whether you're using cms or inches)
back: chest: waist:

harness hole measurements (if required)

how far down the back measurement is the centre of the required hole?
is the harness hole across the coat or down the length of the coat?
how long should the opening be?


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