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the sniggla

small - £25 / medium - £30 / large - £35 / extra large - £40
sniggla coats

The Sniggla is based on the popular double fleece design (the snuggla), but is only a single-layer fleece coat. It is specially tailored for sighthounds, and is perfect worn on its own for spring day walks, or it can be worn underneath any outdoor coat for an extra layer of warmth. 

This style of coat is perfect for older dogs, or for those with little fur on their underside. The built-in chest panel passes easily between the front two legs and fastens with velcro on both sides. This avoids the need to step into the coat, or bend the front legs into leg holes.

The cut of this coat is nice and high around the two front legs to allow maximum freedom for your hound to run, bounce and play. 

Finished off with a small AK Creations logo badge on the front of the chest panel, this coat is not only practical and comfortable for your hound to wear outdoors, it also doubles up as a comfy housecoat for chilly nights.

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PLEASE NOTE: All of the coats sold on this website are hand-made to measure, by myself, for your particular hound.
It is important that you measure your hound as per my diagram and instructions and that you are aware of how much time to allow for the coat to be made.

How to measure your hound / Payment & delivery information

sniggla (single-layered fleece coat with chest panel) £25 - £40

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