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does my hound need indoor wear ?

Greyhounds and whippets have very little body fat, and often the fur is sparse under their chest, belly and on their hind quarters, and this is why they do need to wear an outdoor coat in colder weather.

Indoors, some hounds feel the cold more than others - just like us humans. I have two very different greyhounds - Jagger just loves to snuggle up in her pyjamas, whereas Dylan, who carries a little more weight, can take them or leave them.

If you are finding that in colder weather your hound is disturbing you in the night (and I don't mean with their flatulence - I'm afraid that I have no product that would shield us humans from that!), then pyjamas or a housecoat may be the answer.

Of course, these items don't have to be restricted to indoor use - they are superb if you enjoy the outdoor life and go camping or caravanning!

pyjamas or a housecoat ?

greyhound 4 leg pyjamas

greyhound 2 leg pyjamas

greyhound housecoat

Made to measure in the same way as my outdoor coats, the ak creations 4 leg pyjamas are made from the best quality, super soft polar fleece in a wide range of colours and patterns.

All seams are overlocked for maximum strength and durability.

These pyjamas are a one piece ensemble with no need for a fastening, ensuring a comfortable nights sleep for the lucky hound wearing them. They are open from the belly, under the back legs and around the bottom to allow toiletting without the need to remove them.

Constructed in exactly the same way as the 4 leg version, the ak creations 2 leg pyjamas are an option for those who simply do not like the full 4 leg pyjamas, and yet still want something stylish and practical to keep their hounds warm at night and on cold days.

These pyjamas are in one piece with no fastening. With a covered chest area, short front legs and open from the belly to the back, they are both comfortable and warm, ensuring a good nights sleep for all.

If you have an older hound, or one who just simply objects to having his or her legs being put into leg holes, then this option may suit you better.

The ak creations housecoat is based on my snuggla coat, it has a snug fitting chest panel that passes between the two front legs and then velcros up at the top. This tight fitting chest panel also helps to comfort hounds that get stressed with thunderstoms or fireworks.

This product is available in a wide range of top quality plain and patterned fleeces. All seams are overlocked for the same strength and durability as my other pyjamas.


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